milton friedman's Big Dumb Dream

from by RONG

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copywrite your secrets and shelve them in a store, you won't have to compromise if you enforce what you procure, trademark your lovingkindness reflected in your choice of how you package who you target, coerce and fatten profit ! hey i guess my demographic isn't so salable! we tend to lean against the current of what's containable ! commodify philanthropy via your webstore ! we're bottom-feeders sucking the scum off the global floor ! this game's so stratified W I D E, we come up in times so neoliberalized, subtle yet underlined, white as snow and pink as a scab healing a culture war ! blinded by passive interest of synthetic blisses ! what is the consequence this time ?? what is this THING that you're trying to SEE ?? (you can't see? you can't see ???? ) i do believe what you're trying to say is okay ! it's O-KAY ! but what's implied ? i'd take some help if i could get it but i'm not waiting for- waiting for an assailing wind to sweep this shit away - erode it ! so if you're want to see some change i'd say keep working but sit tight, sit tight, it's fine, it's fine, laser scan my eyeball, swinging towards the door, patent mass inertia and twist the segments loose this wire's hang ! ing on bent frays ! a couple of threads ! still passing charge ! and sparking over loose ends ! we aren't transcendant of time ! we are the bearers of future interest ! we are sublimey undermined by policies made blind to us by their bureaucratic language ! and by people disincentivized to care beyond their bottom line ! we are the ones refraining ourselves from lashing out against prescripted doom ! it's fine, it's fine, it's fine ! but will we survive ??? it's fine ! it's fine ! it's fine! we might have failed this time? but is it worth it to keep heaving at a concrete wall ?? how many bodies will it take to make all the scaffolding fall ??? and replace ! fake change ! with a semblance of efficacy that wouldn't be so easily co-opted by systems exacerbating global poverty, not waiting on assailing winds to sweep this shit away...away...uhh. what is the consequence this time? i do not know. i can't believe all the things i can't see, but i'll try, i'll try. i do believe what you're trying to SAY is OKAY, but ! i'm not, not sure, i'm not sure what's implied


from wormhat, released July 2, 2019


all rights reserved



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